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Dungeons & Treasures - earn REAL Money while playing simple game.

February 24 2019, 16:22pm

Posted by Arc

game real money free
Dungeons & Treasures

welp >__< i did want to move my old content first, but. . . i just got rank 1 in this game event so i can't really resist ;) tho the rank will brobably go down just when i post this but let me enjoy my moment. and ofcourse take a screenshoot to commerate it. xD 

Dungeon & Treasures - Battle Axe event
i cant resist >_<

Ok. Enough rambling me and let me tell you how to make money with this game. 

just follow this simple step.

  1. Register. just Click HERE.
  2. Fill everything with mark(*) and create you account.
  3. Verify your mail.
  4. play the game.

and DONE. that's it. play the game and  at the end of each months you in game gold will be convertetd to money you can withdraw. i know i did ^_^ im using Paypal but there is other paying method. 

So i will be waiting for anyone who wanna join me in Dungeons & Treasures .

Come and Play. ^_^ i may even send you things in game. LIke Sword and stuff. 

Or if you want some help with the game dont hesitate and drop me a word. in game or in this blog.


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