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MoneySMS - paid to receive SMS

March 13 2019, 19:30pm

Posted by Arc

Since i got another payment today. lets talk about one of my fav apps. Money SMS.


Get more money for doing nothing. Is this for REAL ? oh yeah its very much real. I did  mention about "Money SMS" on my earlier post Paid SMS - ControlMySms a mobile application for android that give you money for doing nothing.

I like simple thing so i tend to make my writing short but it cover the important bits.  moey SMS pay you for doing NOTHING. 

what you need to do is soo simple and only need to be done once. 

here what you have to do

  1. download the apps from Google Play HERE
  2. FILL the profile. make sure to use the phone number currently used on the phone where you install the apps. 
  3. use this referal code  5B8008CBBB9 to earn your first bonus balance. this must be done on registration and not after. 
  4. After registration you get. 0.25 Euro from bonus. Then youll start receiving several SMS. for every SMS received your balance will go up. 

Its Simple right? you dont even need to read SMS they send you. Just receive and money come to you. 


Withdraw Complete

Withdraw Complete

I love Money SMS its simple, easy and FAST. Like really fast. They claim to proceed withdraw request in 48 hours. But i got mine in under one hour 0_0 seriously its there in my e-wallet in one hour. 

MoneySMS - paid to receive SMS
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